About Us

Welcome to Ezabay. We believe that the key to a balanced life is everyday mindfulness. The mission of our business is to provide beautiful spiritual items from around the world to enhance your daily life and meditation practice.

This company was founded in 2016 with a vision to source the finest handmade metaphysical jewelry from sustainable sources worldwide. We gave an eye for design as well as quality, all-natural materials.

Enhancing your personal meditation and mindfulness is why we do what we do at Ezabay. We had our “aha” moment a few years ago when members of our team participated in a 10-day meditation retreat. We knew the sacred stillness within that comes from meditation was the key to our customers’ physical, mental, and spiritual growth and evolution. Our designs could serve as a touchstone reminder for daily meditation and mindfulness.

We also knew that it can be difficult for people in today’s hectic world to not only remember to meditate, but to find a focus. For that reason, we are pleased to also offer a completely free guided meditation app. You can check it out here. It is our hope that the healing qualities of our divine designs, combined with your daily meditation practice, will bring strength, hope, and inner peace to your life.